From the time I was a kid, all I ever wanted to do in life was paint. And write movies. Direct movies, too. And books...write books...and draw. Sculpt as much as possible. Learn to play an instrument, and take vocal lessons. I wanted to be a rockstar, figuratively speaking, in all of it. Take everything to rockstar heights.

I also wanted to be a literal rockstar.

And because I wasn't completely naïve to think any of those were real career paths assumed by logical humans, I resigned myself to do what sensible people do and cram all of these perfectly fine hobbies in my spare time when I wasn't at my real job that actually pays real money.

You see, although the arts were always my favorite things to do, it's not exactly stressed where I come from. In fact, look around. It's not stressed anywhere. The arts are always the first things people want to cut. They say they like art and have an appreciation for it, but they appreciate it like their appendix. They're okay with it being there, and it hurts for a while to get rid of it, but day-to-day activities are impacted minimally whether it's there or not.

Or so they think.

Living in Orlando, I see art in general, and decorative art specifically, overlooked and under-appreciated on a daily basis. People enjoy the ambiance of countless themed attractions in this town, and I'm certain not even a tiny fraction stop to think what their vacation would be like without decorative artists.

It's because we're ninjas. Art ninjas.


My Three Neices


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