• This one is for the girls3:49

I wrote a song about my wife, mother, sister and nieces.  All the important ladies...

So, below is another odd recording...a dance mix version of a Nickelback song I recorded MANY years ago.  I know you're thinking, "Nickelback?!  LAME!  Why would you do that?"

Well, it was a decent-paying gig, that's why.  This guy who was a friend of a friend redid rock songs into dance mixes and sold them to gyms.  He called, I took the gig.  Who knows, you may have worked out to me singing Nickelback.  So who's lame now?  Yes, still me.  But you want to know another thing?  I kind of like Nickelback.  There.  I said it.

I kind of like Nickelback. 

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  • Gotta Be Somebody6:01

Welcome to the new website!  Much of it is still under construction, and I'm admittedly very new at this, but I managed to figure out how to post a recording of the first song I ever wrote, which you can hear below.   It doesn't feature my wife (who undeniably is the real reason people come to our gigs), but it is a simple song about a man I honestly know very little about.

I have to give a special thanks to my friend, Dustin Fisher, who was kind enough to spend an evening indulging me and recording my half-baked efforts at songwriting.  He also did the solos in between my "singing."

  • Hands of A Working Man4:15